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Here at LCA, our mission is to create a Christ-centered learning environment in a loving and safe school setting. All of which is for the purpose of glorifying God. God’s word is the foundation for our mission and for our philosophy of education at LCA. His truth governs what we do and why we do it. Our philosophy begins with the belief that our precious children are a blessing from God, and we will follow the Word of God to train them in the ways of God.

LCA was founded in 1985 as a ministry of First Baptist Church of Longwood. We currently offer classes for students in K-5th Grade, and our Pre-School accepts children as young as infants to VPK. 

As a ministry of First Baptist Church of Longwood, we follow the doctrines of the Southern Baptist Convention, while maintaining an interdenominational position as a school. At least one custodial parent must be a Christian believer and in agreement with our Christian doctrines. These doctrines and matters of Faith are taught to our students on an age-appropriate basis, and we encourage parents to continue these lessons at home.



Phone Number: 407-767-8823

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